Sacred Experience


I miss paper towels, Kleenex and wet wipes.  I miss the morning paper, NPR and Good Morning America.  I miss the Sisters, convent employees and my friends.  I miss brewed coffee, instant technology and PJ (my cat).  I miss being within driving distance to my mother.

Being without these things has given me the ability to focus on this African experience.  The sacred experience of being welcomed into a country that is over populated and maybe devalued.  The African women, men and children are physically beautiful people.  They are talented dancers, musicians and singers.  They are quiet, respectful and grateful.  The sacred experience of witnessing the ministry of the Presentation Sisters across Africa is one of the deepest and longest memories I will have of my trip.

In the villages, towns and cities of Lusaka, Pemba, Kalomo, Livingstone, Kaoma and Mongu, our Presentation Sisters are meeting the unmet needs of the African people. Presentation Sisters from Ireland, India, New Zealand, England, Zambia and the US live in community and follow Jesus and Nano in teaching, healing and development of these African ministries.

These ministries include administration, leadership, IPJ contact, spiritual direction, home based care, high school teaching, youth/young adult education, formation, a novice, an orphanage, Nano’s farm, parish ministry, nurse/midwife, sustainability projects and a Cheshire Home for physically handicapped children. This entire ministry is being done by 27 Presentation Sisters.

If you remember in my first blog, I said I was coming to Africa for three reasons:  to experience the African people, to experience IPA and to visit where Sister Virginia McCall and Sister Deb Nelson live and minister.

As we/I prepare for our return home, I have fulfilled my reasons for coming. I came for the reasons I have shared. Thank you to the African people, thank you to the Presentation Sisters and thank you to God for helping me leave my distractions behind and experiencing God alive in Africa.

See you soon

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