Living a Joyful Life


I am back to my reflective mode. More than once when people return home after visiting a developing country, I hear them say, “The people are so happy, yet they have so little. In fact, they are happier than we are and we have so much”. I am often discomforted by this assessment in that just maybe we can be excused for our way of life. That people can find joy in life in the midst of their circumstances speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit and certainly, the people I have met are my guides here. Their resiliency causes me to examine the foundation of my joy as I live in a land of plenty.

At the same time, I think people in developing countries carry a disproportionate burden. They experience a range of emotions as we all do, and I must not try to absolve myself by selectively seeing only a limited expression of emotions. As faith filled people, I, perhaps we, am called to find ways to ease their hardship in a manner that is mutually respectful and mutually beneficial. Definitely, a multifaceted response is needed.

I look forward to having you partner with me in responding to the people in Zambia as we have a strong tradition of responding already established in places like Haiti and through many other individuals who have served in missionary areas.

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