Journey of Faith


Among the faces of Zambia are the Presentation women who took Nano’s desire to be of service anywhere in the world to heart. They claimed her vision as their own and left family and the familiar to embark on a faith journey. The Presentation women here have come from Ireland, India and the United States. They have been joined by Presentation women, native to Zambia, as well as women and men here who call themselves Friends of Nano and indeed, they are! Through this blending of cultures and faith they claim there is an ease of service even in the midst of deprivation. Heart speaks to heart and the rest falls into a more balanced perspective as they have chosen to cast their lot with the people here. It is obvious that they heard a clarion call and responded generously. In their daily fidelity, each one is being transformed into becoming more than a light bearer. Through their ongoing surrender and the grace of God, they become the very light of Christ. I am humbled to have been among them


Women in one of the villages received a microloan as a group and used the funds to better the life in their village. They purchased an oxen and a cart, which has been used as an ambulance to get someone to the doctor, and planted a bigger garden plot.


A zebra finally showed herself to us.


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