Hostess Sister Deb Nelson


On Friday, we had the morning free. It was a treat because we have been going on the fast track since we arrived. A few ideas about our hostess Sister Deb Nelson – you may have heard the expression butcher, baker and candle stick maker; Sister Deb has an expanded list of duties and responsibilities. She is our team leader, tour guide and cook. She manages a rescue squad and serves as our driver as well as our official technology person. Sister Deb is the only one in the group that has ridden on an elephant, and she is adventurous as well as imaginative. She uses her imagination to think up things for us to do or try.

Sister Deb’s official ministry in Kalomo is education, youth and young adult ministry and computer teacher. She is also over-seeing the building of the Education Center. Sister Deb has been a wonderful hostess and an outstanding Presentation Sister. Let me say for all your visitors Deb, we love you and want you to know we are very thankful for all you are doing and being here for us.

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