First Weekend In Review


Hello readers of this blog. How was your weekend? Our weekend was packed with surprise, challenge and excitement.

The surprise was that an ox became ill. This ox belongs to the woman who manages the Widow Farm that is owned by Monze Diocese. Sister Theresa got the call and with these animal type calls, Sister Deb assists.

Sister Theresa organized the student vet and the widow who cares for the ox. With Sisters Janice, Mary and me in tow off, we went in the land cruiser to the farm. It was pitch dark as we made our way across a wet and bumpy path. It felt like a roller coaster. Four or five men went off to get the ox and out of the darkness, they appeared leading him to be treated by Sister Theresa and the student. Sister Deb’s role was to hold the torch, that’s a flash light to us. Sister Theresa went to see him today and his medical update is that he is doing better.

We went to the Tangon Sunday Mass. As soon as the white folk came through the church gate, the welcome and hospitality began. The welcome ranges from hello mama, hello Madam, how are you to, to cupping your hands and clapping three times. (I will demonstrate when I return).

The church was filled with adults, women on one side and men on the other. There was an earlier children’s Mass. There were very few children at this Mass. The singing and moving to song was so inspiring and prayerful. The depth of the faith and trust in God was so joyful….so expressive.

When the entrance procession singing began, the altar servers came down the aisle in their colored altar boy vestment and were followed by the readers and a priest from the Tangon culture, my arms filled with goose bumps. My heart filled with gratitude that I was in Africa experiencing love and commitment to God. The celebrant mixed Tangon language and English and we went on singing, moving and praying for two hours. I realized that some of the people walk miles to get to Mass, why only stay an hour!!

Sing on Tangon folk sing on.

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