Africa_map_Zambia-webPresentation Sisters Bridging Cultures:
A Journey Of A Lifetime…

On January 11, 2013, three Aberdeen Presentation Sisters will fly from the wintery plains of South Dakota to the Zambian capital of Lusaka to begin the trip of a lifetime. Presentation Sisters from Ireland, India, New Zealand, the United States and Zambia serve in six missions in Zambia. Sisters Pam Donelan, Janice Klein and Mary Thomas will be visiting and serving with two of these missions at Kalomo in the Southern Province and Kaoma in the Western Province.

Sister Deb Nelson

Sister Deb Nelson

Sisters Pam, Janice and Mary will spend five days visiting and ministering with Sister Deb Nelson at the Kalomo mission. The primary purpose of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Kalomo Zambia is to offer youth and young adults spiritual, educational, and life-skill building opportunities through mentoring, tutoring and computer education. For more information and photos of the Sisters’ mission at Kalomo, please visit: http://www.presentationsisters.org/ministry/kalomo-africa.php



Sister Virginia McCall

Sisters Pam, Janice and Mary will then journey west to the Kaoma Sustainability Project where they will spend five days visiting and partnering with Sister Virginia McCall. The primary purpose of Sister Virginia’s ministry in Kaoma is to help the most vulnerable people become self-sustainable through education, farming, fishing and other projects designed to alleviate the root causes of poverty. For more information and to see photos of the mission at Kaoma, please visit: http://www.presentationsisters.org/ministry/kaoma-africa.php



Sister Inonge Mooto

Presentation People Bridging Cultures: As Sisters Pam, Janice and Mary travel to Zambia, Africa, a native Zambian resides at the Presentation Sisters’ Convent in Aberdeen. Sister Inonge Mooto was born and raised in Zambia, Africa and is a member of the Union Presentation Sisters in Zambia. While living with the Presentation Sisters, she is attending Presentation College to earn a psychology degree. As Presentation People, we continue to bridge cultures and make global connections.