A Living Gift into the Future


While in Kaoma this week, we traveled to Kalundu, one of the villages Sister Virginia has been working with. A year or so ago, with the help of donors, Sister Virginia purchased a hammer mill for the village. A hammer mill is very important to a village, as everyone needs to grind their maze to make their main food called enshema. If they do not have a hammer mill close by, they walk to town, carrying their maize on their head or their back to be ground. The hammer mill has greatly helped these villagers and their neighboring villages as well. They no longer have to walk two to three miles to grind their maize.

The women of Kalundu have established a small business with the gift given to them. When we arrived, the young man hired to grind the maize was blowing white dust everywhere. He had at least four customers waiting with their pails of maize to be ground. Grace, a single mother, is the coordinator of the group. Grace shared with us her record keeping. The village charges a small fee for grinding the maize. Some of the fee is set aside for the upkeep of the hammer mill, some of it is given to Sister Virginia to assist others and a percentage is shared income to the villagers. This past Christmas, there was enough for the families to each have a small bonus. I am so impressed with the care that Grace and her friends in the village have taken with the gift given to them. They are so grateful and thanked and thanked us for this assistance. Grace had tears in her eyes, and I did too. Sister Virginia has received a donation, which she said would go towards the purchase of an additional hammer mill. She hopes to assist another group of villages a distance from Kaoma. This gift assists the villages to care for their own families now and into the future.

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