Victoria Falls…a sacred experience


When I was in elementary school, I remember learning about Victoria Falls. I dreamt of one day visiting there, but really didn’t ever think it would be possible. Victoria Falls was all I imagined and more. The beauty is truly beyond words. As one walks the path toward the Falls through the bushes and trees, one hears the water roaring over the cliffs. When it comes into view, it is breathtaking. The power of the water is so great! There is mist that comes from the water above and below and one is completely wet. We did have umbrellas and raincoats and still we were covered. For me, it was a sacred experience walking along hearing the roar, feeling the mist, seeing the multiple rainbows….God was very present. I felt drawn to stay the day and “dwell in God’s presence”. The local name for the Falls means ”smoke that thunders.”

I have learned Victoria Falls was traditionally a sacred place. The native people honored the area and did not enter. Therefore, the animals were safe from hunters there. This made my walk along the Falls all the more a privilege and honor.

I was very aware of the many people we had met during our week in Kalomo…many of whom will never have the opportunity to visit Victoria Falls…in their own country, only an hour and half away. I prayed for them as I walked in awe of the experience. God is very present with them and in them as well.
~Sister Janice

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