Reflections On Life While In Zambia


I have been reflecting on how life as usual can foster a healthy rhythm for us. It can also create a dullness of spirit when my spiritual life becomes too routine. Unknowingly, I may re-create God to fit my limited experience of life. I can create an image of God that does not challenge my assumptions of life. Sometimes I even cling to some reality I know in order to have a sense of control.

C.S. Lewis spoke powerfully to me here. He wrote a book called The Screwtape Letters. In the book, Screwtape is the uncle devil of Wormwood. Wormwood is his apprentice. Screwtape advises Wormwood to “impress upon the clients (human beings) the necessity of the familiar”. There are many ways we are asked to let go of the familiar. Coming to Zambia was one way for me. In a real way, I have experienced becoming unmoored from what is familiar to me.

My structured life can insulate me from God and others too much. Without the familiar structure, there is a directness with God that I sense now which can also be daunting. God is close, yet not warm and fuzzy. When I let go of the image, I simply abide with God. It would be like telling a fish in the water to go find the sea. The fish is in the sea. So, it is when I let go of my notion of God and let God be God.

  1. Fr. Pius Mardian01-27-2013

    Sister Mary,

    I read some of your blogs. Very interesting.
    The Mission you are visiting is such laubable adventure and apostolate, one in which, Yearssss
    ago I would have deeply enjoyed: the challenge and exchange of Holy Love among “sisters and
    brothers” of God the Father. Yearsssssss ago a priest cousin and I spent a day and “night” in
    the Krieger (?)park, slept in a straw inn, drove among a host of animals. So wonderful to see
    animals we do not see here, and part of the Family of God so far away.
    My congratulations to the Presentation Sisters all, from wherever. My love and prayers will be with you, always.
    Your “brother” Fr. Pius

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