Lusaka, Africa


Hello from Lusaka, Africa! It is almost 1:00 p.m. here and very shortly, we will eat lunch. The warmth and welcome from the Presentation Sisters was so touching and inviting. It was very late when we went to bed, to demonstrate that point, I heard a rooster crowing as I drifted into a deep sleep. This will be short because it is mainly sent to let you know we are here and getting settled.

  1. Lisa Olson01-14-2013

    Glad you made it! Enjoy every moment of your time in Zambia … sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

  2. JoAnn Dawe01-25-2013

    Happy Birthday Janice!! Enjoy your day, whatever you do, I think it will be memorable. May God bless you all. Enjoyed reading your blogs. Stay Safe
    much love to you all.

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