Journeying with Zambian People


Macrina Wiederkehr writes in her book “Seasons of the Heart”:

“To be a pilgrim means to be on the move slowly,
to notice your luggage becoming lighter,
to be seeking for treasures that do not rust,
to be comfortable with your heart’s questions…”

We traveled by bus from Livingston to Lusaka…it was an all day trip leaving at 9 and arriving at 4. The bus was full, and we stopped at various towns along the way, as people arrived at their destinations and others began their journeys. Every time the bus stopped, there were vendors at our windows selling their wares, bananas, mangoes, oranges, tomatoes, grilled chicken and ears of corn, biscuits and chips. Oh and yes, because Zambia is currently playing in the World Cup soccer games, they are selling Zambia flags, scarves and t-shirts.

We are pilgrims on our journey traveling slowly with the Zambian people across their country. It is beautiful land, rich in flowers and fruit, hills and flat land. And, of course, the people with their warm smiles,┬ábeautiful children and engaging ways. It was a wonderful day for gazing and reflecting on our hearts’ questions.

One of my reflections is how easy it is to adapt to new ways of doing things. At each place, we have stayed on our journey; we settle in and find a “new norm”. Pilgrimages are important, I think, as we let go of our “set ways” and find ourselves open to “new ways”, even if it is only for a short time. One learns that letting go opens one to the real “treasures that do not rust”.

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