Greetings from Sister Mary Thomas


If I could be of service, I would willingly go to any part of the world… – Nano Nagle, Founder of the Presentation Sisters

“Your request to go to Zambia, Africa, has been approved.”

Really? How seriously did I want to go, and did Nano imagine Africa when she voiced her bold statement? Several years ago, my friend went to Zambia on a mission trip. There was no doubt that she was eager for this journey of faith. Secretly, I was glad I could not go. I was quite content to support her and the mission from afar.

Now it is different for me. I feel a sense of peace and readiness. I realize I was not called to go five years ago. With the call comes the grace to respond. I think that is what’s different – the grace of God and my desire to respond generously.

Mission Fundamentals
I have travel companions: Sisters Pam and Janice, a married couple – Gloria & Larry, and a friend of the sisters—Shary. We will visit two primary missions. One mission in Kaoma addresses the root causes of poverty by promoting skills to develop a sustainable income from farming, fishing and sewing. Sister Virginia, originally from Mitchell, S.D., leads this project in collaboration with the local villagers. The second mission in Kalomo focuses on youth and young adult ministry. Sister Deb, originally from Mobridge, S.D., serves in this educational, spiritual and life skills endeavor.

A Welcomed Change
In responding to a call, one ought to prepare herself for a conversion. God will not leave us unchanged! There is a passage in the Gospel of Mark that has been coming to me these days prior to going. “You have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear.” Mark 8:18. I will go to Zambia to discover what this passage might mean for me and for us.

Your prayers are welcomed!

We will begin our mission on January 11 and return February 3. Conditions permitting (like electricity) we hope to send updates periodically. Thank you for taking this journey of faith with us.

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