Greetings from Sister Janice Klein


In 2008, I had the privilege of visiting my Presentation Sisters in Zambia, Africa. Our Aberdeen Sister Virginia McCall had joined Presentation Sisters who were missioned there from Ireland and India. It was a journey of a lifetime for me. I was deeply touched by the warmth and hospitality of the Zambian people and the dedication and commitment of the Sisters. As I returned home, I had a desire to share about these people, their beauty and their needs with others. I thought if we could find ways to “build bridges” between cultures and communities, it would benefit everyone. Now I have an opportunity to visit again and accompany others on their journey.

A friend gave me a book recently about making pilgrimages and indeed that is what we are about to begin. Today as I write this, we are celebrating Epiphany, the feast of the seekers on a journey to distance lands. The seekers found Jesus and were in awe. It seems we are the seekers as we go to learn, to receive, to be and to find Jesus in our midst.

This book, “And Grace will lead me Home, a Guide for Pilgrim Journals” suggests that travel is a way to learn about how we relate to the world, ourselves, others and to God. The author, Paul Rohde, a campus minister in Sioux Falls, SD, says: “second to taking the trip, the next most important thing is telling the story.” He says that writing in a journal not only helps one remember the experience, it also helps one pay attention to what is seen, heard, felt and discovered. By writing, one is better able to reflect on what one notices and what is affecting and changing in oneself, in one’s faith and world view.

It is our hope that through this blog we will be able to share our experiences, what we see and hear and what our seeking stirs in our hearts.

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