Experiencing Lifetime Relationships


Today, I have lots of questions. I have been reflecting on how we arrive at a new location, meet and serve with the local people and then comes the leave taking. In the parting is the realization that we may not meet again in this lifetime and this experience is bittersweet.

The questions that bubble up within me are: Is this experience only a moment in time? Is there something about my encounter with the Zambian people that will transcend time and space? What will be the enduring effect of this pilgrimage? Obviously these are questions to be lived into, questions that are meant to lead and not be answered once and for all. How might the relationships formed be nurtured into partnerships capable of enhancing what is already established?

Soon we will journey to another mission. Two of the sisters in Kaoma work at the local hospital which I understand has been recently built. I am eager to see what the conditions are there.

I remain grateful for your prayers and support. That we are well and any challenges along the way we have been able to overcome is a testament to the effectiveness of your prayer!

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