Building a Future


This is the rainy season so the Zambian countryside is lush and green; consequently, the grasses grow quickly. Zambian FlowersThe picture below shows the men working and cutting the grass with a tool called a slasher. The grass will be used for hay.Zambians use a tool called a slasher to cut the grass

A couple of Presentation donors are contributing to the building of a hostel for girls who live in the bush. The girls are too vulnerable when left to find their own housing. The school held a dedication ceremony in our honor. In one picture, you will see a group of young women and men from the school singing a welcoming song for us. We were invited to dance with the girls. I found the direct encounter very moving. I felt we were more mutual – we both had something to offer each other.

Mwaata High School Students singing to Presentation Sisters

Mwaata High School students singing to Presentation People

The Sisters are helping establish a farm. The picture shows a dairy barn that was just constructed with the help of a grant. They also raise pigs. Some of the funds are used to provide an income for the workers and some funds help support the home based care program for people with HIV/AIDS.Sisters helping to establish a farm.

We are all doing fine here. We have met wonderful people. The sisters in Kalomo are so hospitable. Thank you for your prayers and support!

  1. Regina01-18-2013

    Thank you for sharing your visit to Zambia on your blog, it is really special to be with you in spirit and to share in your experience. The Direction Statement of I.P.A. 2012 called us “to consciously choose to be drawn more deeply in to the mystery of God, the mystery of Oneness and the reality of people and Earth made poor.” New Zealand is far away but you are giving us a wonderful opportunity to see Zambia through your eyes and to feel the heart connection that makes us all one as Presentation people around the world. There is a candle lighting for you here each day, you and all in Zambia are in our hearts and prayers, blessings and love, arohanui, Regina

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