Contribution Presented for Girls’ Hostel


We arrived in Kalomo on Tuesday and been on the go ever since. Sister Deb lives with Sister Teresa, a nurse from Ireland and Sister Irene, a teacher from Zambia. They have shown us wonderful hospitality! Sister Deb has introduced us to her many projects and people with whom they work.

Today we went to the Mwaata High School. The students who attend the school come from Kalomo and surrounding areas. The students, especially the girls from surrounding areas, do not have a safe place to live when they are in Kalomo going to school. The school has decided to build a hostel for the girls. They have just started building the hostel and of course do not have enough funds for this project yet. Through Sister Deb’s work with the school, Shary Bozied, Gloria and Larry Englert contributed to the hostel and today, we were invited to the school to meet the students and present the contribution for the girls’ hostel.

We were warmly welcomed with song and dance. Head (Principal,) Mr. Zulu, School Board Chair, Mr. Situngu and the District Education Standards Officer, Mrs. Daka, spoke to the students about the importance of education and their desire to make it possible for a quality education and a safe place for both girls and boys to live during school. Mrs. Daka told the students that people have been generous in helping them, and they are to follow this example when they are adults. What a wonderful message for these students…and they clapped in response.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students, teachers and administrators. In the picture below are Gloria, Shary, Sister Pam and Sister Deb presenting contribution to Mr. Stiungu, Mr. Zulu and Mrs. Daka.

Gloria,Shary, Sister Deb and Sister Pam present the contribution to Mr Stiungu, Mr Zulu and Mrs. Daka

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