The African Terrain


A few days ago, those visiting Africa, drove from Lusaka to Kalomo. It was a 5-hour trip. Kalomo is where Sister Deb Nelson lives and ministers with two other Presentation Sisters. Sister Theresa is a nurse from Ireland and Sister Ireen is a teacher from Zambia.

The African terrain is beautiful and lush with green grass, bushes and trees. What I observed was the people walking on the shoulder of the road.  A man along the road with a can of gas, with a rock as a cover, was selling gas. There were branches in the lane of the road signaling other drivers, there was a stalled car ahead. The women are straight and poised wearing their bright colored chitenge (wrap around skirts) carrying water, maize flour, beans and other items needed for daily life. The men are riding their bikes carrying wood, household items, sand, bricks and all other things to assist in caring for their lives. The travelers on the shoulder of the road ranged from children to mature adults, and all walked with purpose and a silent strength of survival. I watched with awe, these beautiful African people, and silently prayed that I could learn from these people a simple life.

More later, walk on African folk, walk on.

Sister Pam

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