Healthcare and Education


­We arrived in Kalomo on Tuesday around 7:00, after stopping for a wonderful turkey dinner at Pemba. Sisters Anne, Bernedette and Mary Lucey did the cooking. It was delicious. We had Christmas pudding for dessert. We all purchased gifts from Sister Mary Lucey’s sewing students. We bought her out and she was delighted.

We were very tired on Tuesday and today was full as well. We went to a tiny clinic with Sister Theresa today. She met with about 25 patients, all of whom have HIV/AIDS. About 10 of them were children….very precious! One small child I fell in love with is named Jenny. A caregiver adopted Jenny and her brother after their mother died. We have amazing stories to tell. Tonight, we were eating supper and the head master and two other school officials stopped to greet us. Tomorrow, we will be going to the school to learn more on the education system, and the students will dance

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