The Journey Begins


Journey Begins

As people learn of my mission trip to Zambia, many comment on others who have gone there. Who knew that Zambia was a practically a destination site? Well, I am almost out the door now with two huge suitcases plus my personal suitcase. Beware, when mission people know you are coming there is a lot that they can imagine to bring along. All items are in the name of greater service. I am all for it even if I do have to do a relay in the airport as I wheel three suitcases along!

On a more thoughtful note, these last days prior to departure have been unsettling. Some is due to finishing up the last details. The other is recognizing that I am leaving familiar turf and with that letting go of a level of self-sufficiency. New experiences and new insights will rattle the cage of my current frame of reference. I will be receptive to what the Zambian people will teach me about life. Even though I go as a pilgrim, this journey is less about visiting a holy place as finding the holy within the encounters I have with the people who call Zambia “home.”

Your many well wishes and promises of prayer warm my heart and send me forth! Thank you.

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